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Web Development: Putting business processes online to streamline business

Computer technologies make business processes easier. PI Web Solutions can help design, code and release a new tool that is specific to your business so that staff and customers can move onto other tasks.

e-Commerce : Time to get onboard?

Current sales trends show that Amazon, a company with all sales on-line is the major competitor to Walmart as the retail giant [1]. Businesses can benefit from this trend with e-commerce systems.

Custom Web Application or CMS plugin?

Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal have an advantage in that many of the tools needed for website add-ons, such as a calendar, blog, social media linking tools, etc. are developed plug ins made by others with similar needs to your own. Web Application development may be as easy as finding the right CMS with the plugin you need, installing it and getting familiar with the tools. However, sometimes those plugins can only get 80% of the job you need done. Development to get the last 20% may be more involved and costly due to the work involved in getting to the source code and making updates that do not cause more issues in other places of the website.

Custom Applications for your business are also an option. The benefit to a custom application is that it can be customized according to your business model from the start.

Web Applications can be developed in a wide variety of Languages.

Web Applications that can enhance your business operations

Your website can be more than just an information resource. For example, retailers can expand their customer base with an online store and e-Commerce. If you have digital resources that you want to manage and be made available to your online customer base, a customized web application (such as an account management system) can be developed according to your business' specific needs. Allow customers to login to your website, and get the digital resources they need. PI Web Solutions can also manage customer information by developing a custom online database, and supply reports of customer information online. Whatever your business process, you can leverage the web to assist with your business process and get ahead of the competition!

1 "If Amazon Out-Walmarts Walmart, Can Anyone Out-Amazon Amazon?" - Wired.com July 27, 2011.