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Social Media Coaching

Facebook, Twitter, Linked in are the top three social media tools in use in North America today. These tools help generate backlinks to your homepage and generate traffic.

Social Media is a excellent tool to engage with customers. By responding to customer queries, you demonstrate that your company listens to customers. Social media is a great way to show your customers the value you can offer them. Ask questions, and run polls to get information on the wants and needs of customers.

Inbound Marketting and Social Media

Inbound marketing and Social Media work extremely well together. Inbound marketing gives information to your customers to demonstrate your expertise, and helps your business build trust. Social Media can announce changes to your website, new blog postings or new article postings. By releasing information articles to the public, you are giving value to others with free information to help establish your expertise in your field. Twitter, for example, has many "tweets" of links to articles of information, not just messages of what people have eaten for breakfast! When you gain a potential client's trust, you are more likely to convince potential customers to do business with you.

Warning: Using Social Media for marketing purposes is a delicate process. Tools such as Facebook and Twitter have a community that believe in give and take. If all your updates and messages on these tools is just to promote yourself and your business, you will discourage participants and tarnish your brand. These communities are looking to engage with other people and companies that will give them value.