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Are there cgi-bin scripts on your website that are getting outdated? Do you need to update such code to more modern software applications? PI Web Solutions specializes in Perl Software Development. Network Administration Scripts that monitor Network activity, sensible and customizable alert systems, and financial data analysis tools are just some of the applications created by PI Web Solutions Technical Staff. Current Perl Projects include Catalyst-based Custom website CMS (Content Management System), and development work on the TWiki Web Collaboration Tool.

Perl Application Development

The developers at PI Web Solutions are big Perl enthusiasts.

Update Perl Scripts in Cgi-bin

Is your web application a few years behind and needs to be brought up to speed? There is a lot of code that can be leveraged from past projects to be made more modern without losing the work done.

Advantages to using Perl

It is not only used for web applications, Perl programs can be run on Unix/Linux boxes for offline programs. It is very good and handling data; parsing it, looking for patterns, and extracting them.

Perl is designed to be a language where easy programs are easy to write, and large programs are possible.

PI Web Solutions staff code using best practices, which means that the code is legible, well documented, and meant to be easy for another programmer to understand.

A more in depth article on "Why Perl"

Modern Competitive Web Applications in Catalyst

Despite being the language of the late 90's internet, Perl is still a contender to other modern languages. Moose and Catalyst are modern frameworks in Perl that make the developement of applications and the frameworks fast, secure and stable.

Member of the TWiki development team