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Custom Programming Software Solutions

Open Source applications are great products that can do many common tasks very effectively. However, each business is unique and internal processing is different for each company. What do you do if your current solution cannot bring you exactly what you need?

We specialize in building superior-quality custom software applications that are delivered on time, within budget, and built for the unique needs of your product and organization.

We create custom software solutions including: database driven websites for multiple-industry organizations; web interfaces; database design; web applications, back-end solutions, custom programming.

Before we start programming, we sit down with our clients and get the exact details of your unique goals and the specific requirements of your project. We provide the most cost-effective development strategies for the project, depending on each client's unique needs and budget.

While we utilize open-source technologies where needed, we also use various technologies to create custom software for your specific needs.

Third party software cannot anticipate the unique needs of your organization. Instead of your organization bending and changing to fit within the constraints of a third-party software solution, we built a solution specifically designed to enhance your business operations. A custom solution also allows the functionality of your software and website to expand as your company grows.

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Web Applications for your needs

Your business has exact needs when it comes to business processing. With Cloud computing making a strong presence in IT departements, web applications become a more viable means of managing and accessing data. Examples include:

Unix Production Environment

PI Web Solutions has worked with Red Hat, Solaris, AIX, Mandriva, and Ubuntu Distrobutions of Linux. The software development environment at PI Web Solutions Offices is Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS.

Development Languages