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Privacy Policy

We at PI Web Solutions Inc. have great respect for the privacy of client information. All information shared between PI Solutions and clients is kept in the strictest confidence and will not be sold or shared to any third parties. The only exception is when sharing information will be necessary to complete the project, such as getting an RSA Certificate for e-commerce. Clients will be notified with all the details before contact is made with third parties. Such contact will only occur with full disclosure and consent from the client.

To protect client data, PI Web Solutions Inc. does encrypt all digital data stored on desktops, laptops, CDs/DVDs, external hard drives and USB keys. Please note that PI Web Solutions Inc. keeps the storage of digital client data to a minimum, and unless otherwise stated, this will be 1 laptop to complete the work and 1 external hard drive with backups. PI Web Solutions Inc. does not store digital data on any other storage device (diskettes, I-pods, cell phones, etc.)

Any client data in print is kept within a safe at the office. Upon completion of the project with a client, PI Web Solutions Inc. will either destroy or return all non-digital data to the client, depending on what is agreed upon. All digital data will be erased from all media, and a copy can be sent to the client upon request.

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