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Summary of Services to Client

  • Added jQuery based features to the site, such as result sets returned from searches.
  • Improved code within the company infrastructure.
  • Worked on code for location searches, improving results returned.

Spirited Writer and Goddess Outside the Box

Summary of Services to Client

  • Web Design for Wordpress site.
  • Client wants a simple website that can be managed independantly. Currently only used for blogging

Family Counselling Center of Cambridge and North Dumfries

Family Counselling Center of Cambridge and North Dumfries

Summary of Services to Client

  • Custom Web Design and theme for Wordpress site.
  • PI Web Solutions consulted with client to train the staff on how to maintain the Content Management System in order to improve the quality of the site, and gave a demonstration of how to edit and add content to the blog as well as the rest of the site.

CAEL Assessment Office at Carleton University

[ScreenShot of CAEL Website]

Summary of Services to Client

  • On-going IT Consulting for products delivered, and for web applications.
  • PI Web Solutions ensured peak performance of the web system.
  • Student Account Management system designed, coded and implemented as a new online feature. Students now access documents online, reducing call volume on staff.
  • Complete web host transfer from a web server in the United States to Toronto-based server. Client now conforms with University Policy.
  • New features and information collected in the registration process, additional data collected and inserted into the database. Updates are seamless to users.
  • System updated to work with a different third party credit and debit card processing firm. New payment methods available to students and reports available to staff.

Learn more about how PI Web Solutions provides Perl consulting .

Freidberg Mercantile Group Ltd.

[ScreenShot of Friedberg Website]

Summary of Services to Client

  • Custom Content Management System designed, tested, coded and released live. Client is able to make updates to content of the website independantly of PI Web Solutions Inc.
  • Coded a feature to publish Microsoft Excel reports to the site, streamlining business processing from multiple steps to one.
  • Configured Apache web server for the CMS and awstats, making the transition from testing environment to live seamless.

See how Friedberg gained a custom CMS for their website specifically for their buiness process. Gaining a website that adapted to their company business process, and not the reverse.

Careful Hand Laundry

Careful Hand Laundry Home Page

Summary of Services to Client

  • A very simple Custom Content Management System was created with a simple Javascript Word processor to allow updates to content of the website independantly of PI Web Solutions Inc.
  • Forms created to gather information from customers and make the website an engaging experience.

See how Careful Hand Laundry has full control of their website contents.

Meds Via Canada

Meds Via Canada discount perscription drugs shipped to you

Summary of Services to Client

  • Consulted for Meds Via Canada to add features to the online order management system. Features included a prescription refill reminder, and two orders going to the same address were linked together to save customers shipping costs. The agent commission calculation feature was also improved upon with a custom module.
  • Customized reports on payout information was made for admistrative users, thereby decreasing invoice errors. As a result all departements were better able to track budgets.

Meds Via Canada have improved their internal business processing with an upgraded internal order management system.


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