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PI Web Solutions was founded by Tyler Slijboom in 2010.

PI Web Solutions is a full-service web development company and a custom software design company. PI Web Solutions specializes in custom programming of web interfaces, websites, database design, and web applications.

With over ten years of industry experience working with Fortune 500 companies, including major banks, and a Smart phone manufacturer, Tyler Slijboom decided to try out his passion for developing robust Perl applications by working as a consultant and freelance programmer.

As Tyler’s passion grew, so did PI Web Solutions. The PI Web Solutions team now includes a copy writer and marketing specialist, and a project manager. PI Web Solutions also routinely consults with other developers and graphic design professionals to meet the needs of clients.


What sets PI Web Solutions apart is our reach. For small business and start-ups, we can create low budget, simple websites using open source technologies such as Wordpress or Joomla. Open source websites are also great for multimedia websites or simple E-commerce websites.

However, the drawbacks to using open source Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, is the limited functionality to integrate the web interface with non-web business operations. Open source CMS technologies have many plug ins to create functional and dynamic websites.

But how about websites which need to be integrated with non-web business operations? The most efficient and scalable solution is a custom programmed solution because you are creating a solution that specifically meets the requirements of your product or business, instead of trying to fit your business operations into the constraints of a third party developed software solution or opens source CMS. By creating custom web applications and databases that can integrate with non-web business operations, your website can grow with your business and help streamline all business processes.


Prior to starting a project, we meet with our clients to find out your specific needs and requirements to determine which solution would best suite your business needs.

Based on your individual needs and budget, we help you create cost-effective software and web solutions, either open source or custom programmed, or a combination of both.


We hope your website and business grows with us, and we are here to help make it happen. Our software solutions can all be expanded in functionality to meet the specific needs of your growing business. We work with technologies that will keep your website secure, and all of our custom solutions are scalable so that they grow with your business.


We provide a month of free technical support, and have technical support packages for ongoing support services.


PI Web Solutions consults with you first to determine which Content Management System is best for your business needs.

We aim to find a solution that benefits you by discussing with you what your goals are for your website, what it is you wish to achieve through your website and what future expansions are anticipated in order to create a custom solution that works uniquely for your business.

Like most other full-service web development companies, we can also set you in the right direction by optimizing your site, including the creation of SEO web copy (text) so that you can be found on-line. We make suggestions for Social Media strategies, blog updates and article publications so that your web brand will be noticed by your ideal clients.

We also adopt efficient project management tools and services to effectively collaborate with clients and complete projects collaboratively and on time.

Contact us now for a free consultation so we can analyze which web solutions best fit your needs.


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